Ike Slimster


This week’s Artist You Should Hear? Ike Slimster.

Ike Slimster is truly an artist in every sense of the word. This man is a photographer, videographer,poet,  graphic designer, and our personal favorite, producer. The Brooklyn-based artist has been catching the eye of many lately.

What truly attracts us to his music, is his versatility. Ike Slimster’s music, although predominantly Hip-Hop, still boasts the influences from other genres and artists. Best known for his sampling of classics to produce dope instrumentals, Ike Slimster should really be on your playlist year round.

But, for now, take a listen to his Holidays Vol. 3 where he samples classic holidays tunes, and turns them into yuletide beats for your listening pleasure.  Learn more about Ike Slimster at ikeslimster.com

You can purchase and download the album here| via Bandcamp


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