Dude With No Name

This week’s Artist you Should Hear? Tajh Spikes also known as Dude With No Name.

Hailing from Baton rouge, Louisiana, southern rapper Dude With No Name is making an effort to separate himself from the typical scene dominant in Louisiana.

What we like about Dude is what we like to see in other rappers: introspective and experienced lyrics. We’re not shy about admitting the lack of that in the industry. Perhaps the most admirable thing about this artist is his grind. With so many artists relying on bigger names with even bigger pockets to give them a leg up in the industry, Dude With No Name is relying on his own experience to get himself through.

“I noticed that the way I want to go about doing things would only continue to make my path to success more difficult. Most people in this business are trying to get something for free, trying to come up. That makes my path more difficult because I’m a honest dude who wants to just make music and see something come from it. If you need help and I can provide that in some type of way I’ll do what I can without a huge “I owe you” floating your head.”

It’s no doubt that Dude With No Name still has a way to go, as is true with all genuine artists. But, we can’t deny that he’s well on his way. Check out his music below. Hit the links for more information.

dudewithnoname.com |

Twitter [@dudewithnoname1]|

Facebook |

Bandcamp |

Soundcloud |

Twitter [@adoubledee]




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