Nothing excites us more than a different kind of Hip Hop. It’s pretty simple:  music that is original, fun, catchy, and meaningful. A rare combination that San Diego duo VIBE has seemed to master.

Made up of singer/producer Rossy and rapper C.Young, VIBE produces an alternative Hip Hop that you cannot deny. Equipped with funky beats, Rossy’s smooth vocals, and C. Young’s quick and powerful lyrics,VIBE is well on their way to becoming your favorite artists.

They manage to seamlessly fuse funky pop and gritty rhymes in a form that very few can produce. It never sounds corny. It never gets tired. Always fresh and new, VIBE’s music is something of which you need to take note.

With a feature as Myspace’s Artist of The Day, a live performance at YouTube’s headquarters, and a, so far, successful single “Hotz 4 Me” on rotation at KIIS FM of Los Angeles, and an upcoming album Chameleon, VIBE doesn’t seem to slowing down anytime soon. So, you better go ahead jump on the train.

Check out the videos below of VIBE, and hit the links for more music.


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