Here’s something you might hear everyday: a clothing line run by a teenager. What you might not hear? A clothing line SUCCESSFULLY run by a teenager. Enter Kai Nguyen and the brand LUMIÈRES.  

Citing the inspiration for his brand’s name as being the search for a light to guide him along the way, Kai Nguyen has succeeded in not only paving his path to success, but also serving as a beacon of inspiration for his generation.  At just 18, the young designer has already created collections for his brand that have managed to catch the eye of people everywhere. kai

First debuting with his SS 2013 collection “Year Of the Snake”, featuring a minimal black and white visual of the head of a snake on a plain tee, Kai had begun  the journey. He then successfully followed it up with his Pre-Fall 2013 collection “American Freedom” featuring “King of the Youth” Ian Connor, earning great praise and recognition and finally beginning to embed his footprint into the industry.  But, it would be his SS 2014 “Year of the Horse” that would send him over the edge into notoriety. The collection has been one of the most buzzed about upcoming streetwear collections this past year. At least, it seems to be that way on this end.

Having worked with great young artists such as WondaGurl, Glyn Brown, Ian Connor, Gabe the UZI, Luka Sabbat, Joo Henderson, Sarah Snyder, and more, Kai Nguyen has shown his determination into making LUMIÈRES the real thing. Contrary to so many others in the same industry, Kai has carefully made a game plan and he’s following through on every item on the list. LUMIÈRES is well on its way to becoming your favorite brand and Kai Nguyen is on his way to becoming your favorite role model.  It seems that he’s not stopping anytime soon, and why would he?

“I have a lot of visions when it comes to the brand. First and foremost, I’d like to see LUMIÈRES thrive. I want it to affect the culture in the most positive way and want the clothes to become a culture of its own.”

-Kai Nguyen (


Hit the links below and check out everything you need to know about Kai Nguyen and his brand.




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